Exhibitor Spotlight

Take advantage of this limited opportunity to be a featured exhibitor on the Exhibotor Spotlight channel on Giant TV. 


Deadline to secure - 10/16/20


Industry Spotlight Segments:

  • Solar
  • Energy Storage
  • Microgrid
  • Wind
  • Hydrogen + Fuel Cell
  • Electric Vehicle



The Exhibitor Spotlight will be 15-minute pre-recorded video spotlight, that focuses on the company as a whole, hosted on an Exhibitor Spotlight channel on Giant TV. Exhibitors can leverage this platform to talk about how they’re moving the industry forward, sustainability efforts, brief chats with their Executives, etc. 

  •          Spotlight would be highlighted/promoted in email to all attendees
  •          Content is archived through December 2020, providing additional exposure to anyone who joins Giant TV watch
  •          Meet Our Exhibitors page on NASEW website