Block Party

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Block Party: Dining Hall & Bar Sponsor

Be the first brand attendees see as they walk in the door! Our Dining Hall & Bar sponsor will feature a variety of compelling offerings as the first thing attendees see.


Block Party: Elwood Terrace Sponsor

Invite your clients and guests to the semi-private Elwood Terrace located just beyond the Dining Hall and Bar! This location features and number of amenities and branding opportunities.


Block Party: Foundation Room Sponsor

Treat your clients and guests to the ultimate VIP experience!


Block Party: Music Hall Premier Sponsor

Have your brand be front and center for the main event. This interactive space will include Ping Pong, Air Hockey and a variety of Arcade Games and will be the place to be when our rocking 80’s band takes the stage.


Block Party: The Parish

Host your guests and clients to a private party within our Block Party!